Terrell Owens NFL’s Hall of Fame snub: I am at the point of having no respect for the NFL. This league makes up the rules as they go. I no longer know what a catch is and they continue to […]

Terrell Owens NFL Hall of Fame snub is classless   Recently updated !

Global sport holiday: I’ve been saying it for years now. We need to have a global sport holiday. See the productive after major sporting championship events is zero. Some poor souls don’t make it to work or school the next […]

We need global sport holiday for major events   Recently updated !

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There has always been something about Cam Newton that rubbed people the wrong way. It seems like I’ve been defending him since his days at Auburn. November 10, 2010 that day will live forever in this show’s history.

Cam Newton has been polarizing since Auburn   Recently updated !

Pep Guardiola to Man City: We knew Pep was leaving Bayern Munich 3 years ago. And for the most part, the Premier League being his eventual landing spot. Don’t believe check the archives. I’m sure records and stuff can verify this. […]

Worst kept secret: Pep Guardiola to Man City   Recently updated !

History: 2012-2013 NHL lockout Unfortunately the time machine needs to under go a few major upgrades therefore I couldn’t go to far into the past. Next week I’m fairly confident that everything will be back to normal. Four years ago […]

History: 2012-2013 NHL lockout   Recently updated !

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This can’t be for the fans. A complete analysis of the actually game takes more than a week, c’mon now. Look, I would not be opposed to extending the Super Bowl week three weeks and playing the game on the […]

Do us a favor and extend the Super Bowl week   Recently updated !

The Show is very popular and listened to by many. We wanted to do something for you — the listeners to show our appreciation. We can’t begin to thank you enough for taking the time to let us entertain you. […]

I need basketball When I’m alone in my room Sometimes I stare at the wall And in the back of my mind I hear the bounce of a ball Telling me I need a sport that’s pure joy For the […]

We last saw Peyton Manning matched up against, his long time nemesis, Tom Brady.  For the evil Brady the sheriff’s horsemen proved too much, and to handle new england patriots.  To stay out-of-the-way of the Denver Bronco’s defense for the team to […]

Sheriff’s tale continues for the final showdown   Recently updated !

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Every five years or so my “Dismantle All-star Game” thoughts come out of hibernation. So bear with me as a wake and shake. Trust me my outrage is real like Twitter Activists pushing agendas never leaving behind the comforts of […]

All-star games: No more, please!   Recently updated !

Blake Griffin’s reason to go is… Look earlier I was frightened that Diego Costa went Grape Ape on Oscar’s melon. Little did I know I was right to be fearful. Sub in Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers staffer, and face […]

Blake Griffin keeps NBA job   Recently updated !

Word Association is the best game in the world . Clearly, it is… who has not played it and smiled? If you haven’t, then can point you into the direction of a truth-telling class. You can sit right next to […]

Word association is the best game in the world   Recently updated !

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History rewrite: NFL AFL merger Somethings appear as if they are meant to be together. Peanut Butter and Jelly — yeah it’s bad for you. Salt and Pepper. Netflix and chill. Instagram and … don’t that say that I know […]

History rewrite: NFL- AFL merger   Recently updated !

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Whatever Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love said it was true. LeBron James final record is bad 2-4 but of course it’s not all his fault. He should ought to do more. His team-mate Love is right.  Just don’t get any Benzema […]

Currently, there’s a hot mess in Cleveland

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Hey, it’s Dougie G from the ASU reversed. Thanks for taking my call. I’m a long time listener and first time caller. I love The Show. But I have to respectfully disagree with you. Bundesliga is the best football league […]

Passionate caller defends Bundesliga

History: 1906 Chicago Cubs season. There isn’t a cool catchy way to fly or land a time machine in the 20th century. The Wright brothers from Ohio, Orville and Wilbur can attest to that fact. Ford Motor Company is making […]

History: 1906 Chicago Cubs greatest team of all time

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I remember like it was yesterday, when Kobe Bryant came into the NBA. The following years have not been a let down, either. He lived up to, and exceeded expectations, not catching Michael Jordan is something a lot of players […]

Kobe Bryant’s all-star selection controversy

History 2006 NFL Draft: A common question during an interview is where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years from now. The canned response is always with that company, right? Have you ever said with another company making […]

History: 2006 NFL Draft

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If you aren’t watching sport like this then I’m sorry my friend you have been doing it wrong. Or you are a robot — all robots know first rule to being a robot is not talking about being a robot. […]

The way to watch sporting events

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NFL in LA (Los Angeles), we back. Let’s take this moment to thank everyone that made this happen. Now can we stop reliving March 15, 1995. Hello present. Looking forward to meeting you, future (not the rapper), and see ya […]

NFL in LA it’s back

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There’s an old idiom Keeping up with the Joneses meaning to match the lifestyle of one’s neighbors. At this point in time, I’m 1000% sure no one is wanting to be like the Jones brothers, Jon or Chandler. April 2015 […]

Keeping up with the Joneses

I had no intentions of talking about NCAA College Basketball, be that as it may, Monmouth vs Iona led me down the yellow brick road. MAAC– Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference stand up. Yes, I googled it. Who won the game […]

NCAA college basketball tough guy battle

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Coach refuses to admit the obvious